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I have been to Phuket many times and continue to go with my family 3 times a year. I always play golf while I’m there and also train and practice a lot in Phuket so when I return home I can play better. I have been coached by several pros in Phuket but highly recommend Martin Platts. Martin really is the best teaching professional in Phuket and during the many time that I have had lessons with him I notice that the more serious players all train and practice at his facility.

I will say that there are probably nicer looking facilities in Phuket but if you really want the best instruction and best place to practice, Martin’s facility clearly is the top choice, it’s not 5 start in terms of how it looks but it is 5 star plus in terms of the training you receive. I also like practicing at his range better than other facilities in Phuket because his range ball are always new. Lots of the other ranges use old balls that don’t give you proper feed back. Also the Golf Guru range is large so you to hit driver unlike the nearby Laguna driving range.

Great place, nice people and in my opinion definitely the best place to learn and work on your golf game when in Phuket.

Bradley Scott

San Diego

Hi Martin

Just returned from a shooting a 39 for a nine hole Wednesday tournament win. Hardest part is not falling back on old habits under pressure and continuing what we worked on. Pitching to six iron going strong. Enjoyed training with you and look forward to returning.


Hi, Martin. Wanted to give you another quick update (9-1-12)

Hi Martin.

The driver has been put to use and I have been hitting a 275m draw. The problem has been that I am in positions on the course I am not used to. Also hitting the 3 wood 220 plus. Slight problem with the push to the right . Score has not changed because now over hitting pw, 9 & 8 because of the new distance off the tees but the reaction on people’s faces when I use driver… Priceless.

Will keep you informed.



I wanted to write to say thank you for the very productive two weeks of instruction. I have stayed after what we worked on and now I’m really seeing a big difference. I leave for 3 weeks vacation and come back playing 5 strokes better. All my buddies want to know where I went and what I did. I finally broke down and told them I attended two weeks of golf school with you. Don’t be surprise to get a few calls over the next couple months from guys in London who will be heading your way.

Thanks again. Can’t wait to come back to Phuket and see the Golf Guru.



After 40 years of playing golf, I’ve lost count of the number of lessons, tips, and swing thoughts I’ve been exposed to. However, Martin’s teachings have stuck with me as the most valuable in the development of my game, both in terms of swing mechanics and mental approach. He keeps it wonderfully simple, and takes an active interest in his students’ progress long after the lesson is over. Golf instructors like Martin are very rare in my experience.

Cheers, Evan.

Evan Burford- 4 time Club Champion at Blue Canyon Country Club Phuket