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2 Day Clinic

2 Day Mental Edge Clinic:

This two day program teaches mental techniques used by tour professionals that you can use for the rest of the time you play golf to help you play more consistently and shoot lower scores.

How much of playing great good golf is mental? This question is debated continuously in the golfing community but one thing is clear; understating certain mental exercises and techniques used by tour professionals gives amateurs and even beginners huge advantages when they play.

The Golf Guru’s two day Mental Edge clinic covers 8 important mental techniques and exercises that you will use every time you play golf including, preparation before a round, focus during practice sessions, pre shot routine, putting visualization, shot shaping visualization, refocusing after making a poor shot or putt, peaking your play at the correct time, strategies of play when leading a tournament and when coming from behind, and much more. This clinic is recommended for all golfers from beginners to tour level players. This is one of the most popular Golf Guru clinics and is limited to two players per clinic.

2 Day Clinic Details:

Day 1: 5 hours at the driving range, 2.5 hours playing 9 holes without instructor.

Day 2: 4.5 hours at the driving range, 2 hour playing lesson with instructor at Loch Palm golf course.

Book this fantastic clinic today and let mind over matter help you start seeing the course and playing your round like a professional.